My Africa Zulu bead blue Amanda cotton throw
My Africa Zulu bead blue Amanda cotton throw
Love Jacaranda

Amanda Cotton Zulu Bead (My Africa)

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This intricate throw has been inspired by the traditional craft of Zulu bead work. The art of Zulu beadwork has been handed down from generation to generation through the elder women of the family.

The bead work is used as a form of communication between the sexes. The predominant shape is the triangle which is used to communicate whether the wearer is single or married. Colour also plays an important role, such as white for spiritual love and purity, and green for contentment. A maximum of seven colours are used and they have both positive and negative connotations!

Size: 130x180cm

Fabric: 100% Super Soft Acrylic 

Care: Machine wash on a cool temperature (30 degrees Celsius)


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