How to choose the correct size blanket or throw

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This is by far one of the top questions we are asked when we meet our customers at markets. The main thing to consider when shopping for a blanket or throw is who it’s for, as well as what it will be used for.

Choosing a blanket or throw for your dog

If you are a dog mom or dad and are buying for your fur child, a blankie that’s 100 x 200cm is the perfect size. It will be comfortable enough and help keep away the winter chills as well as for long snoozes during the day.

Choosing a blanket or throw for a bed

When buying for a bed, the first thing to bear in mind is the size of your bed. Also, will you be covering the whole bed, or just placing the blanket or throw at the end of it?

If you are buying for your human child, please be aware of the dimensions of single and three quarter beds (in the table below). Although traditional Basotho and Ndebele blankets are normally worn as part of an attire, you can also use them to keep warm on cold nights. Although these blankets are generally smaller than bed blankets, they are big enough that either one of them would fit well. If you can’t decide on which one to buy, just order one of each design! Don’t forget to read our article on how to care for your blanket, just in case your child sleeps like a ninja and regularly kicks off the covers at night. We also have smaller blankets in brighter colours to wrap up your child this winter. The blankets are also awesome for teddy bear picnics once spring time comes.

Our bed blankets are large enough for a king size bed and would be fine for a double or a queen size too. Shop our luxurious cotton suede bed blankets or Belfiore furpile bed blankets now. They feel soft against your skin and are a cotton blend fur-pile, making it easy for you to doze off after a long day. Just make sure you set your alarm so you don’t oversleep! On a warm summer’s night, any of the large throws from our Amanda Cotton range would be a great way to help cool you down. Each comes in a lovely, reversible pattern with a size that fits most large beds. Shop your favourite one here.

The table below lists the typical mattress sizes and we’ve added some handy tips for choosing the correct blanket size for your needs.  


Mattress Size

Average Duvet Size

Suggested Blanket size


92 x 188cm

130 x 190cm

A 150 x 200cm blanket is ideal, because it will cover the top and drape over the sides of the bed. It can also be folded and draped across the bottom of the bed.



107 x 188cm

150 x 200cm


137 x 188cm

200 x 200cm

 A 200 x 230cm blanket fits well.


A 200 x 230 cm would be slightly smaller for a queen or king size but can be folded and draped on the ends.


152 x 188cm

230 x 200cm


183 x 188cm

230 x 220cm

Super King

200 x 200cm

260 x 225cm

Our 230 x 275cm Cotton Suede bed blanket would be the perfect fit.


For  your couch or patio

Our wide range of cotton throws would be a wonderful addition to your home. Their versatility means you can use them in your bedroom, lounge and even outside on your patio. Do you need to disguise your gently worn couch to give it a bit of a makeover? Shop our Protea throw range here. You can also use our throws to protect your couch from sticky fingers. And you can drape one stylishly over your armchair or deck chair to add a touch of magic to the room. Click here for some inspiration.Our Bella Vita throw range will add a splash of colour to your lounge and make a stylish compliment. Each throw has a soft cashmere feel, and a beautiful design.

For watching TV, reading or knitting

Sometimes you need a blanket that fits comfortably on your lap or snugly over your shoulders. Bigger blankets can be unwieldy and so a lap blanket that’s  150 x 165cm in size would be more suitable.

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